About IES Wellness

It’s been over seven years at this point since the day I met Dr Glidden… I was talking to a life insurance salesman and really playing up the family illness…as I didn’t want to be ‘sold’ insurance. As I was explaining how my son has type 1 diabetes as does my brother and was listing off all the family members that have type 2 we were politely interrupted by this guy that started to explain how diabetes is not hereditary and invited us to a live lecture that he conducts in the same shopping center we were in currently.

I did begin to attend those lectures within 30 days because I was very concerned for my son’s health due to the news I had received four years earlier that my son only had maybe ten more years to live since he had been rejecting insulin for sometime at that point. The endocrinologist said this when he was only 13 years old and I couldn’t accept it…so much so that I told no one…saying it out loud would make it true. I spiraled into a serious depression, which caused more issues in my life, including financial. I had already pulled myself out of this years ago I frequently thought to myself… the depression, financial struggles, the weight issues- it was all coming back. Did this guy really know what he was talking about ? If so, where was all of this information years ago and why wasn’t the endocrinologist privy to it? Why did he Continue to tell me that the increase in insulin was more due to his rejection than growing or puberty?

So I a faithful to attend the lectures and in doing So, learned more about Dr. Glidden (the guy we met in the Coffee Shop that day). Finally, as skeptical as I was, l decided to follow his protocol first…staying away from the bad foods. Something amazing started to happen… I was feeling better. I lost 25 pounds in the first few weeks and David was feeling a bit better just staying away from the bad foods. Within 6 months my depression subsided, I was able get through an entire day without wanting to fall asleep at my desk and I was so motivated to succeed.

In the years since, all of my symptoms including ringing in my ears, dizziness, an addiction to food, bad mood for no reason and others that I don’t even remember I had now have gone away. My son is 24 and taking a fraction of the insulin he used to take. No, we couldn’t heal his pancreases back to life but his diabetes and the depression that is a horrible side effect was much better managed. Now David and I both are dedicated advocates of health and wellness… the right way and hope that you Will join us in every way.

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