Why Being Healthy Is Not Just About You

Many young adults today that are ‘healthy’ don’t worry as much about proper nutrition or eating right. What many don’t understand is this is the time when a woman especially should be most concerned. Nutrient deficiencies and poor eating habits in the mother even years before she is pregnant can cause serious birth defects and issues in the child. It is important for all those who wish to have children to realize that nutrition is absolutely essential of proper development. Read more… “Why Being Healthy Is Not Just About You”

The 12 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat Part 4 Final

Continuing with the thread of super-heating, fried foods are very problematic. These can be shown to be responsible for a number of digestive complications, as well as being carcinogenic. Why is this? When oils are used at an extremely high temperature, they undergo a process called oxidation. This process can mutate cells in the body and form cancer. When something is fried, there is also a chemical called Read more… “The 12 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat Part 4 Final”