May 16, 2017

What are Phytates and How Do They Keep Nutrients from Absorbing?

Phytic acid/Phytates Phytates are the salt form of phytic acid. Simply, this means that the acid hydrogens have been lost. But, what is so important about […]
May 12, 2017

Is Gluten Really Harmful? Part 2

<a href=”/gluten-really-harmful-part-1/”>…Continued From The Previous Post – Click here to read part 1!</a> Due to the fact that the protein cannot be broken down into the […]
May 10, 2017

Is Gluten Really Harmful? Part 1

Gluten is a buzzword for a lot of people right now. However, what is gluten, and what does it do to the body? First and foremost, […]
May 5, 2017

Are You Consuming Everything You Need From Food Pt 2

…Continued from Our Previous Blog… Click here to read part 1! This same thing happens with sickle-cell anemia. In Africa, it is extremely advantageous for someone […]