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December 6, 2017

Heredity; Are We Doomed?


There is an up and rising topic on genetics that gives the holistic world significant acknowledgement: epigenetics. This is the idea that gene expression (literally how an individual’s genetics display themselves) can be changed according to that individual’s environment. This includes: the nutritional, emotional, psychological, and/or the physical environment that an individual lives in.

This is good news, but why? In short, it means that when mom has medical depression, and doctors tell you that it is genetic, and you have a high chance of getting it, then that is only true if you live in the same type of environment that your mother lives in. Therefore, by changing what you do, you can change your fate.

It is the opinion of many holistic doctors that changing the foods you eat, and getting the necessary nutrients will allow for these genetic conditions to not express themselves, even if you have the genetic propensity for a disease.

In a previous blog, I spoke about how hereditary diseases essentially do not exist. While this is true, there are genetic anomalies that can occur from epigenetics that can make someone ill. The significance of this is that: new diseases can be created from new mutations in the DNA. Therefore, it is important that everyone do these simple things every day to prevent DNA damage:

Consume 20,000 or more ORAC of antioxidants

Consume selenium and selenium cofactors at 600 micrograms per 50 pounds of body weight per day

Reduce inflammatory foods, such as gluten, oils, and preservatives in the diet.

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