The 12 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat Part 4 Final

Continuing with the thread of super-heating, fried foods are very problematic. These can be shown to be responsible for a number of digestive complications, as well as being carcinogenic. Why is this? When oils are used at an extremely high temperature, they undergo a process called oxidation. This process can mutate cells in the body and form cancer. When something is fried, there is also a chemical called Read more… “The 12 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat Part 4 Final”

The 12 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat Part 3

This same marketing promoted corn, soy, and dairy products. While dairy is not one of the “12 Bad Foods” it does still create a lot of complication for many people. Mostly, it is because of the lactose that most people of non-European ancestry cannot digest after the age of seven years old, or so.

Hence, butter, cheese, and cream are naturally very low in lactose and see few, if any, troubles in most people. Corn and soy are much more problematic, and many studies are showing that they are nearly twice as likely to cause cancer as smoking tobacco. Read more… “The 12 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat Part 3”

The 12 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat Part2

And, why? Why will the United States not ban practices that are dangerous for the people that live within it, despite the research that persuaded many, if not all, European countries to ban and/or not recommend it? The American people are subject to listening to the money. Where is the money? From where is it coming? Humans do not need 11 servings of grains as once recommended. But, lobbyists for Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) have pushed legislation to convince everyone that grains are this essential staple of life. However, the human species lived for much longer without grains than we have with it. Therefore, it cannot be that essential. Additionally, so many people have problems with grains of all types. With all of this being said, I would like to interject that Jasmine, Basmati, and brown rice, while being grains, are so simple to digest, that you can continue to digest them even after dying. Therefore, rice is the exception to this rule. Potatoes are another viable substitute for gluten, but read ahead to see how to cook/eat potatoes to maximize your body.

Oats are a particular grain that many people will claim are fine to eat, or even encouraged. This is not the case, in my experience. While oats are naturally gluten-free, this is because the oat protein is the enantiomer (or the non-superimposable mirror image molecule) to gluten. It has been shown to cause most of the same damage as gluten, though it does not trigger the pain receptors as often. Therefore, even without abdominal pain, avenalin (the oat protein) still can cause significant damage to the intestinal lining. Please refer to the previous blogs about gluten to see how dangerous this is.

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