Why Youngevity?

We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that healing is a sophisticated, complicated process. But, in fact, healing is as easy as breathing.

We work directly with the renowned Dr. Peter Glidden ND who ardently believes that if you give the human body what it needs, it can heal itself. 91 essential nutrients are needed everyday by your body in order to work properly:

  • 60 minerals
  • 16 vitamins
  • 12 amino acids
  • 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get all of the “90 essential nutrients” from food!!!

12 Bad Foods - Dr. Peter Glidden

Good food/bad food – stop eating food that hurts the body and start eating food that are beneficial; foods that allow you to absorb nutrients.

Here are the 12 bad foods:

  • Wheat, barley, rye (counts as 3, but collectively has the issue of containing gluten)
  • Oats
  • Well-done red meat
  • Fried food

The Preservatives

  • Nitrates and Nitrites
  • Oils in a bottle (yes even olive oil)
  • Skins of baked potatos
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Corn
  • Soy

Cancer Chaos - Dr. Peter Glidden

What is wrong with the methods that Oncologists prescribe today? Is there or can there be a true cure for cancer?

Cancer patients are scared and want honest information. Dr. Glidden is your advocate for safe, careful wellness.

He believes that the body can heal itself if given the proper raw materials. See how this fits into the world of healing cancer.

Diabetes Thought You Understood Sugar

We have seen incredible results with healing from type 2 diabetes and now an exciting study backs up all of our great results!

While type 1 is more difficult to heal, we have also seen tremendous results with control and healing a newly diagnosed patient.

Watch the video and then request your free health consultation in the chat below. Speak to a type 1 diabetic that has regained control.